About unrev.org and the unrev for everyone

unrev.org is a growing collection of links to information that awakens and empowers your entelechy.

The unrev is a process that involves moving away from mass (mainstream) society and the Global Soap Opera - with all its ups and downs, fears and insecurities - and moving towards an integrated lifestyle that affords individuals and groups the time and energy to work and play with the things, concepts, ideas and people they feel make them the most healthy and self-fulfilled.

And to take those creations - conscious manifestations - and awaken others.

Free time, mobility and resources (intellectual, "spiritual", physical, economic) are three staple "currencies" for unrevving. They empower freedom, and are strongly recommended as alternatives to the typical "cash is (the only) king" mentality, which can leave people quite wealthy in monetary assets but lacking true abundance, happiness, love and well-being.

the unrev is right now. Stay awake!

I hope you are refreshed here with quality information you can rely on to be real and helpful.

All are welcome on this free ride.

Moldavite Gem

Moldavite is a gemstone of extra-terrestrial origin said to aid in transformation, healing and self-realization. Discover more about the Moldavite gemstone, browse and purchase gorgeous Moldavite Jewelry and learn about Arkadian Collection's unique Activated Moldavite.

Free and Open Music

sound.audio.music is a Free Music Collective.

Free Language

Free Language is a place to find resources for learning languages for free.